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ScoringStar is a comprehensive feature-rich online application solution that allows you to manage your sports club smoothly and easily. ScoringStar offers several powerful and easy-to-use functionalities that help sports clubs publish and manage their website efficiently.

The list of features is quite long however, we have mentioned below some of the most important ones for your reference. These features are inbuilt in the application and help you manage your sports club as easily and efficiently as is possible.

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User Friendly and Easy to Use
Generating and managing your website is easy and does not require any training.

The admin area allows a friendly interface and the application guides you through the simple steps to – manage teams, create player profiles, assign content rights, upload photos, create club database, send emails and SMS, publish reports and print data.

All just with simple clicks!

Instant Content and Photo Uploads
The photo gallery feature allows you to easily upload photos, while the system automatically indexes galleries, re-sizes and optimizes photos, and assigns thumbnails.

All you need to do is click photos and upload. Our application does the rest.

Online Club Member Update
You can easily add club members along with their photos and assign their category as players, officials etc. The application creates a database of the members and you can use this database to –

  • Create profiles of all the players and assign specific members to update their profiles regularly.
  • Create profiles of all the club officials and assign specific members to update their profiles regularly.
  • Create team/ squad lists and display the players within your club. You can easily assign captain and vice-captain for teams/ squads.
  • Create a record of player performance by matches played and display the stats in match reports, and a summary by season in player's profiles.
  • Create automatic average calculations from the results that you publish.
  • Send instant email or SMS to all those on the database, specific teams, or individuals within the club.

Club Location Page
You can easily create a page to display your club location details of how to get to your club along with a map.

Availability and Confirmations
You can enter all your players' availabilities and store them centrally. You can take printouts for a specific date or selection. You can select players and create team sheets based on availability reports and even override status if needed and send instant emails. Players can simply click a link in the email to confirm.

Team Sheets, Fixture List and Directions
You can display a fixture lists for the clubs and teams within your club. You can also display teams for the matches and save on ringing round. You can automatically archive fixtures by season and view a full history. You can also add full history of past year results.

Match Stats Results and Reports
You can publish all match results and reports keeping all club members updated of the latest and past information. You can also promote your results to attract new players.

League Tables Links
You can create your league tables or provide a link to an external website with your league table information to be included within your club website.

Online Hall of Fame
You can create a Hall of Fame for your club and enter unlimited number of awards, and award winners over the years.

Info and News Updates
You can add page links to latest info and news and view latest Headlines on your website. News items can also be displayed as a ticker on the home page.

Discussion Forums and Polls
The application offers built-in discussion forums that can be used by all club members to discuss relevant topics around sports or their clubs.

The discussion forums can also be used to hold polls and get member opinion.

Custom Website Design
You can create a unique and personalized website by choosing your own colors, fonts, and images to give a distinct identity to your club website. You can add your club logo to make your club stand out professionally.

Multiple Unlimited Pages
You can create virtually unlimited page for your website for various sections, events, matches, results etc. You can also cut and paste directly from a word document and our smart WYSWIG editor ensures that the content is formatted and aligned as per the website design.

SEO and Website Statistics
Our application is configured to create highly optimized and Search Engine friendly websites so you don't have to worry about top ranking in search engines.

Integrated with the website is the Google Analytics feature providing you a full analytical breakup and allowing you to monitor your website to improve traffic and increase online promotion of your club.

Contact Form
A contact form is provided in your website with easy to fill fields that can be configured as per your needs. This ensures that all emails coming in are directed to a database for easy reference and archival.

Favorite Links
You can create a page that has links to all your favorite websites.

Online Archival System
The website comes with an archival system. By default the website will display results and information about the latest season. However, if you have created records for past season(s), they will be automatically archived by year, season etc., and can be accessed as and when needed.

Unlimited Storage
Our website offers you virtually unlimited storage space, which means you can upload as much content, club data and photos as you want.