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ScoringStar is a comprehensive online Publishing, Communication and Management application solution for Sports Clubs.

Think of ScoringStar as an online platform creating a community of sports clubs from across the country. Once you sign up you instantly become a part of this big and growing community. And with your own club website you easily manage and promote your club while also see stats info about different member clubs.

ScoringStar application features are custom built around the specific needs of sports clubs. The exclusively developed custom Application for ScoringStar is a result of years of research and technology expertise that integrates best-of-breed features and functionalities deployed by professional sports club.

ScoringStar believes in providing a simple and easily customizable solution keeping in mind all your needs to run your club efficiently. We understand how sports clubs work and integrate the best features that allow you to leverage online technologies effectively.

Our UIX experts have made the functions and features easy-to-use by anyone without any prior training required. From generating a custom website to uploading and publishing content the steps are intuitive and easy to follow.

ScoringStar is a complete solution built by people with a passion for sports to leverage the advantages of internet and meet the need of sports clubs.

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